Race Results

Results from the 12th Annual Greater Oviedo 5k Run/Walk can be found at RunSignUp.com.


4 Responses to Race Results

  1. Cheryl Sobering says:

    I think you mean Paul Neilson was the overall winner in 2005, 2010 & 2011. Neil Paulson has also run this race once or twice, but he is later years (about twice Paul Neilson’s age) and runs about a 24 or 25 minute 5k pace. 🙂

    • I received an email from Neil Paulson on May 6 (“any way you could fix my name for winning on the results page?  it gets wrong all the time.  should be Neil Paulson, not Paul Neilson.   thanks.”). I do not know Paul Neilsen and so incorrectly changed everything because of that email. I did more research and now have changed it all back. Feeling a little gullible 🙂

    • Neil Paulson says:

      could be my son Neil Paulson, Jr. who is fairly fast. I am Neil Paulson, Sr. and Cheryl Sobering is correct.

  2. Neil Paulson says:

    It could be my son, Neil Paulson, Jr. playing with me. Paul Neilson is much faster than me, but Neil Paulson Jr. is fast too.

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